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Mining the 1880 Census Mother Lode: Insanity and Idiocy

By Sharon Hall Insane and Idiotic Family Search refers to the 1880 census as the “mother lode of questions pertaining to physical condition, criminal status, and poverty.”  Why is that? The 1880 Census also included the “Supplemental Schedules for the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes”, sometimes simply referred to as the “Defective Schedules”.  The normal…


Genealogy on Deadline: Newspapers Bring Ancestors to Life

By Jeanne Rollberg In 2016, we have many creative ways to keep images and voices of loved ones alive through social media, YouTube, blogs and many other options. In our ancestors’ eras, the primary way communities were held together and learned about each other was through daily and weekly newspapers. These historic newspapers hold the key…