State Archives Preserve the Tapestries of Ancestors’ Lives (Part I)

By Jeanne Rollberg The current film “Jackie” depicts the American former first lady, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, as saying, “Objects and artifacts last longer than people.” She might have been reflecting on that particularly because the film shows the aftermath of the death of assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963.  Objects, artifacts, newspapers, collections and…

Newspaper Archives

Newspaper Archives in England and Wales

By Anne Sherman Newspapers: These can be a great source of information about your ancestors, ranging from the birth, marriage and death notices, details of court cases, advertisements for their business, advertising for domestic staff, auctioning farm land or house contents, group or society memberships and reports of good deeds or crimes including victims, witnesses…


Italian Migration to USA Before, During and After World War 2

By Marge Bitetti Early Migration Starting in the late 1870s and for the following hundred years, over 27 million people left Italy to settle across the sea in other countries and continents.  California is home to over 1.4 million people with Italian ancestry.  Other areas with large Italian populations include: New York, Chicago, Boston, New…

Archival Survival

Archival Survival Part II: Colorado, Michigan, & New Mexico State Archives And Your Family Tree

By Jeanne Rollberg Having just celebrated America’s birth on July 4, Americans are reminded that it’s time to get re-dedicate ourselves to documenting our immigrant ancestors and their families’ contributions to America. With disappearing resources such as access to most FamilySearch microfilms at libraries after September 1, researchers may turn increasingly to critical state archives and other essential online and offline…