So-called Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes: The 1880 DDD Census Schedule for Genealogy

By Laura Pinhey On the 1880 Federal Census record for my three-times great-grandfather there is a mark in the “Insane” column of the “Health” section. When I first saw the mark, I assumed it was a stray or a flaw in the microfilm. It seemed impossible to me that the census taker could have deliberately…

Asylum cemetery

Asylum Cemeteries

By Laura Pinhey Earlier this month I wrote on this blog about the U.S. Federal Census Schedule of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes, also known as the DDD. The DDD schedule supplemented the 1880 Federal Census with information about prisoners, orphans, physically ill or injured persons, disabled persons, homeless children, indigent persons, and the mentally…


Genealogy in Ireland: Part 6 – 10 Tips for Your Irish Family History Holiday

By Jayne McGarvey Visiting the homeland of your ancestor can be extremely rewarding, and even more so if you wish to combine a holiday with some research and or meet living relatives.  We love to have you here, to show you our beautiful island and connect with the descendants of those who left so long…