Knowledge of Available Records

Because most of our genealogists reside and work in the same locations where your ancestors lived, they are familiar with that locality’s archives. As a result, they know what records can be found and how to best find them.

Customized Research

Unlike other professional genealogy firms, we don’t limit our research to large and expensive projects. Our genealogists can do research projects of many sizes and for many budgets. We tailor the amount of research provided to your specific needs.

Receive Your Results in Digital Format

We’ll locate and send you the records digitally directly to your inbox along with a research calendar/log documenting our searches and a report detailing our findings. We have report samples for your review. No need to wait for months wondering if your project objectives will be met or in what format the results will be provided.

High Standards of Research

Every completed project is reviewed by at least 2 professional genealogists to see if it matches our high quality standards. If a completed project doesn’t meet our standards, the work is redone at our expense until it does.

Faster Turnaround

At other firms, when researchers need records from a remote archive, they must wait weeks or even months for them to arrive. When our researchers need records, they simply contact one of our genealogists who perform lookups in that archive, and in most cases have the record sent within a few days.

One Stop Shop

You can request research in over hundreds of locations and over 2,000 archives and repositories worldwide right here from our site. No longer do you need to spend valuable time and effort searching for someone to do research for you in a particular location. Simply submit the request and we will assign your project to the appropriate genealogist. You can be confident that your research objectives will be achieved by a researcher who knows that location best.

Easy to Request a Quote

Simply complete the Request a Research Quote form indicating what you want to learn. We will provide you a quote for your research project in many cases within a day or two. There is no limit to the number of requests you can submit.