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See why these people chose Trace

Diane worked with Cornelia to determine birth and death dates of an ancestor's parents.

"Your report was beautifully clear, well organized, and interesting. I am very pleased with how you have conducted your services from beginning to end, and I will recommend you to those I know."

Santa Barbara, CA

The Grand Lodge of Texas worked with Cyndi to obtain a copy of original articles of incorporation.

"WOW! I am speechless … Acquiring these documents has moved me to tears. My Masonic Organization cannot thank you enough for the outstanding results."

Grand Lodge of Texas
Waco, TX
Fort Wayne, IN

Don worked with Sheri to find contact information for a living relative.

"Just want to say THANKS to your team... contact was made after 50 yrs"

San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

Nancy worked with C.S. to identify information on 19th century New York ancestors.

"I absolutely loved our report! I can't stop reading it!! Please send my deepest thanks to the researcher(s) who did the work. ... we would gladly use you again."

Buffalo, NY
New York City, NY
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Research agencies and unknown freelancers can be risky. We search our network of vetted researchers to the find the perfect person with the right skillset and experience to work on your project.

Discovery Phase

Tell Us Your Objective You provide us with the objective for your research project and some background information
We Scope Your Project We collect your information and translate your objective in a project that our researchers can bid on
We Find the Best Pros We curate the best professionals in our network for your objective and ask them to submit a bid
We Screen Proposals We review the proposals and make a recommendation based on our own reviews and experience

Research Phase

You Decide If a Proposal Is Right For You You choose which proposal, if any, is the one you are excited to move forward with
We Manage Your Project Through Completion Our in-house project managers provide you with updates and your final report to ensure our standard of experience

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  • Ongoing internal review process

Meet just a few of our 4,000+ researchers in over 90 countries

Latin America

Genealogist helping English-speaking people discover their Spanish, Portuguese, French or Corsican ancestors.

Midatlantic and Upper South US

Genealogist in Washington D.C., focused on the Midatlantic US with access to many extensive US archives.

Southern US

Genealogist based in Kentucky, specializing in deed, tax list, will, court and vital records research, with experience in African-American research.

Austria & Hungary

Genealogist of nearly ten years focused on the 19th and 20th centuries of Central Europe.


Genealogist located in Poland with access to other regions of Eastern Europe.


Genealogist focused on Hungarian ancestry with research experience across Eastern Europe.

Midwest US

Genealogy researcher with 35 years of experience based in Indiana and specializing in Midwest US research.

Southern US

Genealogist based in Kentucky, specializing in deed, tax list, will, court and vital records research, with experience in African-American research.

Southwest US

Genealogist and writer specializing in Southwest US and Native American research.


Genealogist for over 12 years focusing on French history and genealogical records.


Genealogist and heir researcher in Germany with nearly 20 years of research experience.


Genealogist and historian specializing in German emigration to the United States and German-Americans during World War I.

Ireland and Northern Ireland

Genealogist in Ireland with 15 years experience focused on Irish research for the global Irish Diaspora.


Researcher of nearly ten years focussed on the British Isles skilled in all aspects of British genealogy and historical research.


Genealogist with 20 years research experience with Scottish records and maps.

Brooke Ali

Genealogist for nearly 10 years focused on research in Canada and the British Isles.


Genealogist with over ten years experience specializing in Canadian research.

Western Canada

Genealogist specializing in western Canadian and northern US research with experience in First Nations/Metis research.

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