Your Life Live

A visually intelligent smart camera that can click in and out of a multitude of self controlled motorized accessories, allowing you to stay in the moment and stream your footage live to the internet.


Film and livestream your adventures to the world with Trace.


Using proprietary video-as-a-sensor technology, the TRACER1 selects and follows a subject while capturing exceptional video and broadcasting it online.

The Trace TRACER1 intelligent camera unit
The body contains Trace's patented Visual Intelligence System.
Camera section pivots to capture multiple view angles.
TRACER1 camera can be mounted to a multitude of motorized accessories.

Multiple Uses for Almost Every Industry

The Trace devices: Quadcopter, Motorized Car, Torpedo, Dash Cam, Steady Cam Rig, Gimbal-Enhanced Tripod, Numerical Control Visual Interface

Get the perfect vantage point with our Quadcopter

Use our motorized car to capture your fanciest footwork

Film your underwater adventures by clicking the TRACER1 into our Torpedo

Don’t miss a second with our auto-focus Dashcam

Automatically track the subject when using a professional Steady-Cam rig

The TRACER1 can direct any camera attached to our gimbal-enhanced tripod.

Use the TRACER1 to control CNC equipment using our numerical control visual interface

Trace Live Network

Users can livestream their videos to a variety of social networks online, or host them on Trace's platform to share after editing their content.

Computer showing skateboarder on 'The Trace Live Network' where users can livestream their action footage from their TRACER1 visually intelligent camera, or save for future editing

Trace Quadcopter

Sleek, fast and incredibly cool, the Quadcopter accessory is a game changer. Click your TRACER1 into the Quadcopter base, and watch as this flying vehicle comes to life. In seconds, the TRACER1 locks onto the user and begins to follow your every move.

Hands Free Filming

The TRACER1 gives users the freedom to stay in the moment, not worrying about setting up the perfect shot; the TRACER1 does that for you.

Smartphone streaming extreme bmx livefeed from TRACER1 visually intelligent camera

Trace Team


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