One of the major benefits of that truly sets us apart from other research firms is that we have the largest network of genealogists anywhere in the world. Consequently, we request that our researchers leverage this network as much as possible in all their research. While online work is very important, it is essential that researchers not limit themselves to only what is available online. To obtain records from another archive or repository, contact your Project Manager. In most cases, we can obtain records in just a few days. Although the cost of these lookups may impact the overall project budget, most projects have a document budget. In any case, the cost of lookups will not impact the amount you will be paid.

Another major benefits of is that we have over 1,000 professional genealogists, historians, DNA experts, university professors, scholars, and archivists working worldwide. You are encouraged to let your Project Manager know if you feel your project would benefit from the expertise of one or more of these researchers. Please do not feel like simply because we sent a project to you, that you must do all the research for it. Our best researchers know their strengths and expertise and let us know when they need help.

Yes, please do. In fact, we will pay you for referrals. We know that research cannot be done by anyone in any location. Often you need access to the over 90 percent of records that are only available offline in the various achives and repositories around the world. By sending projects to, you will find you can help more clients, provide better research to your clients, and make more money than by tryng to do everything on your own.

You will be paid after your project deliverables are submitted and approved by the Project Manager and Quality Control department. Usually this review occurs within 1 week of submission. Except in rare cases, payment will be transmitted via PayPal (unless we have made other arrangements in advance) as soon as deliverables are approved by our Quality Control department; payments are transmitted in such a way that the researchers do not incur any PayPal fees.

Our projects are objective based and not based on hours. Spend a reasonable amount of time needed in order to fulfill the research objectives.

Our projects are set at a fixed cost for the research to be done, and you will be paid based on the price we give you initially. If you are going to require travel in order to do the project, you will want to take this into account before accepting the project. See your Project Manager for questions.

You can contact your Project Manager for any questions or help.

We require a research report and a log/calendar for all of our research projects. We have report templates on our deliverables page. While we encourage you to use our templates for your reports, the style of your report and calendar can be of your choosing, but they must be of the high quality that we expect from all of our researchers.

The quality control review helps ensure the quality of the deliverables as well as consistency in look and feel. Specific items examined include: essential elements, templates, objectives, sources, completeness, footnotes, and methodology. (See QC Process). Researchers are responsible for clearly understanding what will happen during the QC process as described in this document. If there are major issues with deliverables, we will return them to the researcher for correction.

Except when approved in advance in writing by your Project Manager, we do not allow our researchers to contact our clients directly. Should a client contact you directly, we require that you report this contact to your Project Manager. Under no circumstances should you discuss questions regarding pricing.

We ask that you do not try to sell additional research to the client directly. However, we do request that you provide suggestions for further research as part of your research report.

It depends on which date you cannot meet. Project acceptance by the researcher must occur before the Researcher Acceptance Due Date listed in the request; otherwise, the offer will be rescinded. Any changes to the other due dates (research plan, calendar, report, or records) must be negotiated by the researcher with their PM at least 5 calendar days prior to the due date. Due date changes must be confirmed in writing by the PM.