The basic steps of our research process are as follows.

Project Manager Researcher
Sends project information, research instructions ( See Instructions.), available budget, and deadline to researcher or researchers. (See Request Example.)
By deadline specified, notifies PM of intent to accept the project taking into consideration their ability to meet the objectives, timeframe, and budget. Alternate due dates may be negotiated at this time.
Authorizes researcher to begin research or assigns the project to a different researcher.
Provides regular status updates to PM every 7 to 10 business days or as requested.
By deadline specified, performs research and submits completed calendar and research report using our template. (Download Report/Calendar Template.)
Submits deliverables to Quality Control for approval and suggests changes as needed.
Makes changes to deliverables as directed by the Project Manager.
Sends deliverables to client.
Sends payment to researcher via PayPal (unless other arrangements have been agreed to in advance by the PM).


Additional Details:

  • A research plan is not required unless the Project Manager has requested one.
  • If you are asked to create a research plan and the PM does ot accept the plan, you will be paid $25 for writing the plan and the project will be assigned to a different researcher.
  • Researcher may forfeit some or all of the amount offered to them for the project should timely updates not be provided to the PM.
  • Researcher may forfit some or all of their project pay if deliverables are late UNLESS they received written approval from their PM at least 5 calendar days prior to the deadline.

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