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Welcome to, the world’s largest family history research network. We help thousands of people just like you connect to their past.

Access to Records

Since 2012, has been the largest family history research firm in the world. We have over 4,000 professional genealogists working in over 3,000 locations and archives throughout the world, including numerous specialties. As a result, we can access vital records wherever they are located, including the over 90% of records that Family Search estimates are not yet online.

Research Expertise has the specific expertise needed to solve even the toughest research challenges thanks to our over 4,000 professional genealogists, personal historians, private investigators, forensic scientists, DNA experts, religious leaders, university professors/scholars, and archivists worldwide.

Lowest Price/Highest Quality

We offer the lowest prices customized to your objectives and budget. We will beat a quote from any reputable firm. We will beat any reputable firm’s price. It’s no wonder why year after year clients consistently rate #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

We are Experts in:

Tracing Your Ancestors

The first step to creating your family tree collect the information you already have by sorting through documents in the filing cabinet and talking to relative. Read More..

Breaking Down Brick Walls

Walls prevent us from seeing what is on the other side; they divide our yard from our neighbor’s, our dining room from our kitchen. A genealogical brick Read More..

Applying DNA Test Results

DNA testing has become an accepted tool for identifying ancestors and for verifying genealogical leads. DNA, nature’s instruction book for life, Read More..

Locating Eastern European Ancestors

Many people who left Europe between the years between 1880 and 1930 were from Eastern Europe. Historically, this region was dominated by Read More..

Writing Family Histories

One end product of family history research is to create a genealogy or pedigree – a document which starts with you and links you to as many direct ancestors Read More..

Your Immigrant Ancestor’s Hometown

Humans move. It’s what we do. So chances are no matter where you live in the world, and especially if you live in regions colonized by Europeans, you likely have ancestors who came from somewhere else. Read More..

Our Genealogists Team

Jim Heddel
- Founder and President
Kathy Kline, MSLS
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher
Nedra Brill, CG
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher
Candice Buchanan, MA CG
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher
Peter Marsch
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher
Amanda Epperson
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher
Ellen Conrad
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher
Kim Haskitt
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher
Kevin Lassen
- Senior Project Manager/Lead Researcher

Worldwide Client Experiences

We are the World’s Highest Rated Genealogy Research Company

More onsite researchers than any other firm in the world

We bring the world’s records to you. What records can we find for you? What would you like to learn?

What People Say About us

The following are a few comments from some of our thousands of satisfied clients. Additional testimonials are spread throughout this site.

Why Choose

We know where to look. Not all the records that are needed are in FamilySearch or Ancestry. In fact, over 85% of the records that are needed, are not yet online anywhere. Knowing where to look to find the desired record(s) is absolutely essential.
We know how to glean all the data possible from the records found. Once you find the desired record, it is essential to know how to properly analyze its contents completely so we can learn as much information as possible. This is a skill that takes time and experience to develop. It requires recognizing the clues and applying what is learned.
We know what to look for. Being in the correct location and searching in the best ways possible is only productive if you know what specifically to search for. Do you need a marriage record, birth record, or probate record?”
We work collaboratively with other genealogists and with subject matter experts. No single researcher can be an expert in all specialties and for all time periods. Depending on our ancestors and their specific situations, we need to leverage the multiple specialists in a variety of disciplines and time frames.
We know how to glean. It is not enough to simply be in the “correct” location, you must be able to know how and what to search for. Knowledge of advanced search techniques, is paramount to finding the records even when one is searching in the correct locations.
We know where else to look and can access those locations. As much as we would love to have all the records that we need in one location, that fact remains that most records are in multiple locations. Very few people have every significant event in their lives happen in the same city or even county. Our ancestors moved around, attending school, serving in the military, getting married, having children, dying, etc. For most people, we need to search multiple locations to find the records we need. Therefore, identifying the various locations and having researchers who reside in each of those locations, and who can be trusted to find the desired records is also essential.
We know how to put it all together to create quality deliverables, including sourced and detailed research reports. We provide the lowest price and highest quality — Guaranteed!. Get a lower quote from any reputable firm, provide us with that quote, and we will beat it. It’s no wonder why year after year clients consistently rate No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction.

World's Largest Research Firm

Our over 4,000 professional genealogists,historians, private investigators, forensic scientists, DNA experts, university
scientists, DNA experts, university professors/scholars are strategically located around the globe to perform in-depth research on site in almost every location. Looking for a genealogist in another location not listed here? We can assist you. To learn more,
request a free research quote.
We offer research in more than 2,000 archives and repositories throughout the world.
We also have genealogists with expertise in research specialties.

We offer genealogy research in thousands of archives and repositories throughout the world. The following lists show some of the places where we work.If you are interested in research in another repository, we may be able to assist you.Please email us at [email protected] questions.
To learn how our genealogists can further your research, request a research quote.

Our professional genealogists provide in-depth research in many genealogical specialties,
Ethnic Groups and Languages
Membership Societies
Military and Wars
Religious Groups
Major Cities
Time Periods

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