Family History Research
    Over 1,200 Genealogists is a world
leader in family history research.  Over
1,200 professional genealogists, personal
historians, private investigators, forensic scientists, DNA experts, religious
leaders, university professors/scholars, and archivists working worldwide to solve
even the toughest challenges.  Unlike other firms, we are not limited to
the small percentage of records that are online or to a few local repositories;
instead, we have access to the world’s records wherever they are located and in
whatever form they exist – whether online or offline, including the over 90% of records that FamilySearch estimates
are not online. helps with all forms of family history
research for both the living and the deceased, including:
  • Breaking down brick walls and solving difficult
    family history challenges
  • Strengthening and extending family trees
  • Establishing proof required to join lineage
  • Tracing and identifying bloodlines, such as
    Native American
  • Obtaining copies of original documents from
    archives and libraries
  • Analyzing complicated and confusing DNA test
    results offers a complete line of research
services, including detailed research, record retrieval, DNA analysis,
handwriting analysis, language translation, and book publishing.  Submit a research request and receive a FREE quote.
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