Answers and advice from the team at Trace

For Researchers

How can I join your network of researchers?

To begin our process, please complete our researcher application. Through this form we will learn more about your experience, interests, skills, and what/if any repositories you can visit.

Can I join your network if I am not a professional?

On occasion we need help with record lookups, translation services, or other services that supplement our professional researchers. Please complete this form so that we can learn more about what services you can provide.

How often will I receive projects?

This varies highly depending on your area of expertise and the requests coming in from our customers. Some researchers receive multiple projects to bid on in a day and others may not hear from us for a few months. You can also inform us of when you can accept projects or not so that we reach out to you during times when you have capacity.

What happens when a client accepts my project?

Congratulations! Our project manager will let you know when your project has been accepted. Please do not start work before we let you know this. Once you begin work, our project manager will expect timely updates from you to keep the client apprised of your work. We will expect a research log documented your searches. We will also expect for you to stay focused on the customer’s objective and carry out the plan you provided in your proposal. If you have questions during the project, you can reach out to your project manager for help.

Why We're Different

The research system is broken. We're fixing it.

Research Agencies

Unknown risks and feasibility of project

Large retainer to get started

Small network in few locales

Often focused on specific area

Unexpected fees throughout project

Small team

Uncertain customer service

We de-risk your project before we start

Focused on your end-goal, not billable hours

4,000 researchers in 90+ countries

Global research expertise

No hidden fees or expenses

Thousands of active professionals

Dedicated customer support team