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Research Phase

How does your process work?

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When will my project be completed?

In your proposal, we include an estimate for how long the project will take to complete. We try our hardest to stick to that timeline, but sometimes there can be delays. For example, if a researcher needs to visit an archive they may need to wait until they have an appointment there or until it is open for research which can sometimes take a long time. Your project manager will inform you if there are any delays. On average, our projects take two to four months to complete.

Can you guarantee that the researcher will answer my question?

No, in genealogy we can never guarantee a specific result. We request that our researchers provide a plan in their proposals explaining what work they will do to try to answer your question. When you accept a proposal you are paying for them to complete this work. The researcher will provide a research log which tells you where they searched and what information they found or could not find. While this can be a disappointing result, it provides you with valuable information. We use this information to make recommendations on a future project that may help you find additional answers.

Why We're Different

The research system is broken. We're fixing it.

Research Agencies

Unknown risks and feasibility of project

Large retainer to get started

Small network in few locales

Often focused on specific area

Unexpected fees throughout project

Small team

Uncertain customer service

We de-risk your project before we start

Focused on your end-goal, not billable hours

4,000 researchers in 90+ countries

Global research expertise

No hidden fees or expenses

Thousands of active professionals

Dedicated customer support team