Answers and advice from the team at Trace


I’ve worked with AncestorCloud or but I don’t know Trace. Who are you?

Trace is on a mission to make genealogy research accessible and affordable. We started as AncestorCloud with a marketplace for research and then acquired the genealogy services business We took the best parts of both businesses to create a managed marketplace - which means we add our own services internally to provide you with a great customer experience while leveraging a large network of researchers.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Provo, Utah, but our team and network of researchers are located all over the world.

Why We're Different

The research system is broken. We're fixing it.

Research Agencies

Unknown risks and feasibility of project

Large retainer to get started

Small network in few locales

Often focused on specific area

Unexpected fees throughout project

Small team

Uncertain customer service

We de-risk your project before we start

Focused on your end-goal, not billable hours

4,000 researchers in 90+ countries

Global research expertise

No hidden fees or expenses

Thousands of active professionals

Dedicated customer support team